Supporting our budding artists

About Us

Whole Child Leraning and is a family-run business started as a way to teach entrepreneurship and financial literacy to my 10 year old and as a way to help showcase artwork from my young adult son with autism.  As we learn about our customers, the collections will change, so please come back periodically and watch us grow. 

Because of my work with the health and wellness of children who struggle, I have included on this site products that I know are supportive to sensory development and overall health.  Oh, and we love pets too!

Who are we?

Lisa Ann - As an educator for 25 years, I have seen first hand that children leave the schools barely learning how to balance a checkbook.  It is important that we find a way to help our children to be able to be successful after graduation (or even before).  I spent my teaching career working with underprivileged children and those who struggle in school.  I currently work privately with struggling children focusing on the physical side of learning through primitive reflex integration, health, and nutrition.  Today, there are many children who need support, many lacking resources, both here in the US and in regions such as Mexico and Central America.  My goal is to be able to support children and their families without having to worry if they can afford services.  Therefore, it is my goal to be able to allow proceeds from this store to fund work with children who need support but lack the funds.  If curious about my services, check out

Andrew - 10 year old who LOVES to travel and is an absolute master of countries and flags!  He has been learning the ropes right along side of me.  He is in charge of identifying and adding products to the toy collection.

Joshua  - 18 year old with moderate autism which severely affects his speech and language.  His forte is drawing and art and has created some beautiful pieces.  We wanted a way to showcase his work and give him a chance to generate revenue from his efforts.  

Moises - Well, basically the one who holds us all together by feeding us healthy meals, making sure the car runs, doing the errands, being the most grounded and maintaining focus.