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100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt
100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt
100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt
100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt
100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt

100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt

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100% Silver Fiber EMF Protective Maternity Skirt


What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is "non-ionizing radiation," including microwaves and electromagnetic fields (EMF). Any type of electrical appliance produces non-ionizing radiation, including cell phones, computers, televisions, wires, and ultrasound.

Why do women need to wear radiation protection during pregnancy?

  • Using protective clothing protects the uterus of the mothers, which is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and pre-protection helps women who are planning on getting pregnant.
  • During 0-3 months of pregnancy fetal embryos may suffer physical defects or deformities due to general electromagnetic radiation.
  • When the fetus is  4-5 months old, the long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation may cause damage and even dementia.
  • During 6-10 months,  the fetus is in a stage of growth as it nears birth. Long-term exposure to radiation may cause the fetus to have poor body function, poor post-natal constitution and resistance, and even damage to the central nervous system.


Why do you need an electromagnetic radiation protective Clothing?

  • Electromagnetic wave radiation has been listed by WHO as the fourth largest source of environmental pollution after water, atmosphere and noise.
  • It has become an invisible “killer” that harms human health. Electromagnetic radiation can generate a lot of free radicals, interfere with communication between cells, and hinder hormones, causing cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, miscarriage, menstrual disorders, sexual decline, insomnia and neurological disorders.
  • People who work, study, and live in a concentrated environment of radiation sources are prone to insomnia, memory loss, physical weakness, and low immunity. 
  • The Swiss standard requires safety within 2mGs outside the 2m range of appliances. The human body can only withstand 2mGs radiation, but it is said that all kinds of household appliances: mobile phone 200mGs, computer 20 ~ 40mGs, copier 40mGs, microwave oven 200mGs, hair dryer 100mGs, TV 20 ~ 40mGs, refrigerator 20 ~ 40mGs.
  • Studies have shown that long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • above 2mGs can cause illness in humans.


 General Application:

Electromagnetic radiation protective skirt is suitable for women who work long hours or live in areas with a large amount of electromagnetic waves. such as computer, printer, radar contact, and wireless testing personnel as well as radio, telecommunications, communications, computer room, laboratory workers, etc. Electromagnetic radiation protective skirts can protect against computer radiation, WIFI radiation, monitoring and radiation, protection against the radiation of the base station, radiation of the laboratory and other kinds of radiation. It is the ideal protective products for the army, banking, communications, electricity, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.

Care Instructions:
Silver fiber exposed to the air can not avoid oxidation, the fabric will be black or yellow, is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the shielding effect. To reduce the oxidation of washing, it is recommended to wear undergarments.
  • 1. It is recommended to wash with well water, mineral water, pure water; (Reason: Some tap water contains chloride ion, and if the chloride ion is excessive, it is easy to react with silver to reduce the damage to silver by alkali and chlorine)
  • 2. Modest amount of neutral detergent, washing for a short time; (Do not use acidic detergent or laundry detergent)
  • 3. Can not rub and washing machine wash. Can not be bleached, clothes washed, can not twist twist, picked up directly from the water dry in the ventilation, avoid exposure, do not recommend ironing.
  • 4. It is recommended to wash or wash as little as possible to prevent improper washing effect of shielding
Q: Can radiation protection products be washed? How long does the radiation protection product last? Is it related to the date of manufacture?
A: The radiation protection product can be washed. The radiation protection fabric has the standard of washing durability. Under normal circumstances, it can be washed more than 300 times. It does not affect the normal radiation protection effect. It does not mean that it cannot be washed. Radiation protection products are generally suitable for 1-3 years, because the friction during the wearing process will produce different degrees of aging, so the effect of the radiation protection product has nothing to do with the production date, and has a relationship with the abrasion resistance of the radiation protection fabric, which can be based on wear. The extent and age of use determines the age of use.
Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz   
Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB-71.4dB

Main radiation protection material: 100% Silver fiber
Product weight: 0.2 kg
Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Color: Silver

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