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EMF Protection Cap
EMF Protection Cap
EMF Protection Cap
EMF Protection Cap

EMF Protection Cap

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EMF Protection Cap - Protect your Biggest Asset, Your Brain!

What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is "non-ionizing radiation," including microwaves and electromagnetic fields (EMF). Any type of electrical appliance produces non-ionizing radiation, including cell phones, computers, televisions, wires, and ultrasound.

Why do you need electromagnetic radiation protective wear?

  • Electromagnetic wave radiation has been listed by WHO as the fourth largest source of environmental pollution after water, atmosphere and noise.
  • It has become an invisible “killer” that harms human health. Electromagnetic radiation can generate a lot of free radicals, interfere with communication between cells, and hinder hormones, causing cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, miscarriage, menstrual disorders, sexual decline, insomnia and neurological disorders.
  • People who work, study, and live in a concentrated environment of radiation sources are prone to insomnia, memory loss, physical weakness, and low immunity.
  • The Swiss standard requires safety within 2mGs outside the 2m range of appliances. The human body can only withstand 2mGs radiation, but it is said that all kinds of household appliances: mobile phone 200mGs, computer 20 ~ 40mGs, copier 40mGs, microwave oven 200mGs, hair dryer 100mGs, TV 20 ~ 40mGs, refrigerator 20 ~ 40mGs.
  • Studies have shown that long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation above 2mGs can cause illness in humans.

The maintenance method of silver fiber:
Silver fiber exposed to the air cannot avoid oxidation, so the fabric will be black or yellow, is a normal phenomenon, yet does not affect the shielding effect. To reduce the oxidation of washing, it is recommended to wear an under shirt.
  • It is recommended to wash with well water, mineral water, pure water; (Reason: Some tap water contains chloride ion, and if the chloride ion is excessive, it is easy to react with silver to reduce the damage to silver by alkali and chlorine)
  • Modest amount of neutral detergent, washing for a short time; (Do not use acidic detergent or laundry detergent)
  • Can not rub and washing machine wash. Can not be bleached, clothes washed, can not twist twist, picked up directly from the water dry in the ventilation, avoid exposure, do not recommend ironing.
  • It is recommended to wash or wash as little as possible to prevent improper washing effect of shielding

Main radiation protection material: Metal fiber+50% Silver fiber
Product weight: 0.2 kg

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