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Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy
Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy
Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy
Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy
Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy
Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy

Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy

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100% Silver Fiber EMF Shield Canopy

I.Brief Introduction of Functions

Protect you and your family from high-frequency electromagnetic wave (EMF) radiation in the surrounding environment while sleeping at night!

Reduce the possible harm caused by electromagnetic radiation to infants, pregnant women, those with ASD,  sleep disorders, thyroid diseases, low immunity, installation of pacemakers and other susceptible groups!

It can greatly reduce the radiation of mobile phone signals, communication base stations, wifi, cordless phones and other wireless devices.

The product has been tested for several years in developed countries such as Europe and America. Most users have proved that it has greatly improved their health after using it.


The main principle of radiation-proof curtain is to make use of the reflection attenuation of electromagnetic wave on the surface of strong conductive medium to make the electromagnetic wave pass through the curtain and keep the electromagnetic wave outside. When the aperture of the conductive dielectric network is less than 1/4 of the wavelength of electromagnetic wave (wavelength = speed of light/frequency), the electromagnetic wave can not pass through the conductive dielectric network.


The radiation-proof mosquito nets, using the world's most advanced production technology and plating technology, are the world's top electromagnetic radiation protection fabric. Through SGS certification, it is completely harmless to human body! There have been many use cases, which have proved that the health has been greatly improved.

1. The shielding capacity of the mosquito net fabric reaches 25 dB at 1 GHz, that is, 99.7% of the electromagnetic wave can be blocked outside the mosquito net.

2. SGS certification is totally harmless to human body. It can also be used as clothing or infant cloth. There are no side effects on human body. The fabric is soft and has no difference between hand feel and common cloth.

3. Silver-plated copper fibers are completely coated with polyester fibers. Metals are not exposed to air and will not be oxidized. Electromagnetic radiation protection ability is long-term and effective, and can be washed. After washing, the electromagnetic radiation protection ability remains unchanged.

4. For radio and television transmission tower, medium wave transmission tower, all communication base stations (such as GSM base station, WCDMA base station, CDMA2000 base station, TD-SCDMA base station), repeater station, WiMax base station, WiFi base station, microwave relay and other wireless transmission equipment, electromagnetic radiation has good protection efficiency.

5. High transmittance, high permeability.

6. Can be hand washed in cold water or machine washed gently. After washing, the cloth will not fade, the protective effect will not decline, ironing at low temperature, but not bleaching or using chemicals.

7. No earthing is required.

8.It can withstand direct sunshine without affecting its performance and service life.

**Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery