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Waterproof Double-layer Cat Litter Catcher Mat
Waterproof Double-layer Cat Litter Catcher Mat
Waterproof Double-layer Cat Litter Catcher Mat
Waterproof Double-layer Cat Litter Catcher Mat

Waterproof Double-layer Cat Litter Catcher Mat

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Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box

EVA material, super light, easy to carry

For really messy cats be sure to use puppy pads as they soak excessive urine

Super smooth surface, doesn't bother cat paws like other mats

Easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off

  • SAFEGUARD YOUR HOME FROM MESSES : Owning a cat or kitten is a huge responsibility. Taking care of your house WHILE owning a pet is an even bigger undertaking. Whether your four-legged friend is being house trained or already uses a litter box properly, from time to time, he or she will inevitably trek litter throughout your house . Cut down on dirt with the Loreso litter catcher mat . This highly-effective pet accessory will make life significantly easier for both you and your fur-baby.
  • UNIQUE INGENUITY: Our protective cat rug was cleverly designed to gently yet effectively clean your cat’s paws of access litter and debris. Our double layer cat litter mat is composed of strong, thick EVA foam and rubber. Fashioned like a pocket , the honeycomb-pattern surface softly removes particles from the paws which then drops through to the solid, bottom layer where the waste collects. Just a few seconds on the litter trapper significantly reduces dirt from being dragged around your home.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : This reusable, eco-friendly litter box pad makes clean-up virtually hassle-free . Simply place your kitty litter pad in front of the litter box . Upon exiting, your cat will walk across the honeycomb mat, leaving litter, feces, and other unsanitary particles on the padding - not on your floors or furniture. To empty, simple shake the rug in the trash or outside, hose down, and reuse. No vacuuming or sweeping
  • WATERPROOF FOR ADDED PROTECTION : These extra large litter catching pads provide superior coverage for any room. With three sizes to choose from, depending on your needs, our mat offers plenty of room for your furry friend to “dust off.” The bottom layer features tight-grip material to prevent the pet mats from sliding on slick surfaces. Each trapper has a waterproof base that keeps urine , water , and moisture from seeping through and ruining your floors. This moisture-wicking technology also helps prevent bacteria build-up and mold.

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Package included:

1 x Cat Litter Trapper Litter Mat Clean Cat Mat with Water Proof Layer

Material: PU
Size XS: 30x45cm
Size S: 40x50cm
Size M: 46x60cm
Size M-F: 46x60cm Foldable
Size L: 55x70cm Foldable

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